Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jesse Beck



The Green Lantern

Nicholas Lemons

Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle is a personal favorite. Great body, smile, and personality.
I couldn't think of a better Straight boy to bring home to Mom!

Touch Football

Johnny Castle


If you think this photo is sexy, join AAG and see more of him...
Running on the beach in briefs... lying in bed in various states of undress... plus video interviews and workout clips. Check out All-American Guys


Working Out


JR by Joseph Bleu

Meet JR a fresh and very promising face on the scene photographed by Joseph Bleu,
*Images courtesy of Joseph Bleu

Chad White by Nicolas Wagner


Football Practice

Jock Boy

Brock Harris became an overnight success after he covered
French gay magazine TĂȘtu.

Hottie of the Day


California Dreamin

 The Karshner Triplets
Craig, Nick, and Ryan Karshner (that's from left to right, girls and boys)
are triplets born December 1982.
They ventured into modeling and became the lead guys
in a Cingular Wireless commercial.
And they also became the faces (and bodies) for Abercrombie & Fitch.

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