Saturday, October 2, 2010

Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle - Hear from Johnny himself on what he likes
and how he likes it!!

Johnny Castle

Jay Byars

Can we be Rick Day's photo assistant for one day?

His subjects are always so drop-dead gorgeous.
Model Jay Byars

Kellan Lutz

Kellan Lutz in Sherman Oaks to/from the gym
The paps give us something to zoom our attention on--- FINALLY!

Now, the paps catch him outside his Studio City house half-naked.

Cristiano Ronaldo - That Smile, That Face, That Body...

Cristiano Ronaldo - That Smile,
That Face, That Body...
This Blogger's Favorite Eye-Candy. Get Used to it!

June 2009!
, number one young footballer of the planet, showed off his super sexy and hot body in pretty tight snow-white swimming shorts while enjoying himself on the beach during a Sardinia break after a nerve wrecking game with Barcelona.
What a body!

Last summer Cristiano was a real king of the beach spending a lot of time soaking in the sun with this then girlfriend, Spanish model Nereida Gallardo. He’s seen alone now but guess it’s not for long!
Everyone, get ready for more sexy Ronaldo
torso pics these coming weeks!

Cristiano Ronaldo BES Commercial

Cristiano Ronaldo BES Commercial
I don't think I've wanted to take a nap so bad in my Life!!

The things this boy can do to a soccer ball and a mattress! Sigh...
Would you guys agree?

Cristiano Ronaldo new Nike commercial

Cristiano Ronaldo new Nike commercial
Shirtless, in work out gear or fully clothed...HOT!!

Cristiano Ronaldo in Housekeeping Full Video

Cristiano Ronaldo in Housekeeping Full Video
Dare I say..I would do the same thing! Payl ball y'all!

Hottie of the Day

Uber-gorgeous/well-chiseled/unfortunately unknown hottie model with perfect abdominals.

James Ellis

James Ellis poses for photographer Adam Bouska

James Ellis

James Ellis isn't one of these fly-by-night models.
He's done the runway and catalog thing.
And yes, even the Halloween costume thing


Miguel Iglesias

You'll recognize model Miguel Iglesias
from Puma's viral stock market stripping site


Cristiano Ronaldo

See Cristiano Ronaldo in Housekeeping (teaser from the video)

Craig Malozzi

Craig Malozzi In A New Photoshoot from
Kristopher Kelly over at YVY Mag shows how to pull off Long Underwear as Winter arrives.

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